Importing a horse from Europe is a big decision, and we understand you have questions.

These are a few that are frequently asked. Contact Beata for additional information or with other questions.

Yes, Equestrian International is happy to provide numerous references from our clients. I can provide you with the names and contact information of previous clients.
The prices you are quoted for each horse is all inclusive, there are no additional fees or commissions owed. You would only be responsible for the costs of any veterinary or pre-purchase exams, transport, quarantine, etc.
Yes, we regularly seek horses to fit specific client needs. The horse request form and follow-up conversation with Beata help us learn as much about your needs as possible, ensuring that we find the right horse. Our goal is for you to be 100% happy when your new horse arrives.
Horses that Equestrian International imports are located in England, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, and Ireland. We have partnerships with professionals and breeders in each of these countries that help us find the highest quality horses.

It costs approximately $9,000 to ship a gelding to JFK Airport in New York City and $11,500 to ship to LAX in California. Mares and stallions incur additional costs due to extra quarantine periods. Expect to pay an additional $3,500 for a mare.

Yes, you and/or your trainer can try the horse in Europe before buying it. You are responsible for your own travel. Our partner will meet you at the airport or a designated location and provide transport to the stables for the trial.

Absolutely. We have veterinarians in Europe that have ongoing relationships with Equestrian International. We start with obtaining X-rays, looking them over and then scheduling a vetting for the horse with one of our experienced vets in Europe.  After the vetting, we send everything to the client’s vet and wait for approval.

Flights are scheduled one to three weeks after the seller receives payment. Quarantine length and travel to your location also influence arrival time.

Equestrian International works with both professionals and amateurs.

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