Equestrian International was founded by Beata Zbierowska, a lifelong horsewoman and equestrian.

Her unique perspective of living on both continents and vast connections throughout Europe makes Equestrian International the high-caliber equine scouting and importing service it is today. Equestrian International is committed to sourcing quality horses that are accurately and honestly represented.

Equestrian International

Beata founded Equestrian International 13 years ago with a commitment to match riders to horses that could help them achieve their goals. Equestrian International maintains a database of over 100 prospective horses through their partners located throughout Europe. If the right horse isn’t on their roster, Beata works with her partners to find what the buyer is looking for.

Beata Zbierowska

Beata is internationally recognized for her experience, professionalism, and integrity, all of which have earned her a reputation as a seller of top-quality sport horses.


Horses have captivated Beata Zbierowska since her early childhood in Poland and Germany. Some of Beata’s earliest memories are of draft horses working in agricultural fields. She started riding when she was nine years old and hasn’t looked back, riding every kind of horse imaginable. Her acute understanding of horses, and experience in Europe and North America helps her deliver the right horse to meet a client’s needs.


Beata has a lifelong passion for horses and making connections. She loves the excitement and anticipation that comes with the arrival of a new horse and has successfully helped clients experience that same feeling with over 350 horses imported through Equestrian International.

The Horses

Equestrian International has an in-depth knowledge of every horse we sell, and a strong commitment to finding the right horse for every buyer and complete satisfaction after every sale. Beata and her team spend countless hours learning about each horse, and her riders in Europe can supply additional feedback when needed.